Supporting Decentralized and Virtual Clinical Trials

Life Line Screening brings clinical research opportunities to the communities we serve through clinical screenings, raising awareness, and empowering participants with the right information. We provide clinical research services with focus on engagement, education, enrollment, and conduct, to connect our participants with clinical research.

Patient-Centric Mobile Site Services

Life Line Screening’s mobile-based site services are flexible, enabling study visits in community-based settings, and the ability to conduct home and virtual visits.

We Enroll Research Naive Patients into Clinical Trials

Life Line’s community-based screenings create national awareness and an opportunity to educate individuals about clinical research.

We bring clinical trials to our patient population and introduce the important role clinical research plays in improving health and quality of life for everyone. Individual conversations about a patient’s health profile naturally lead to discussions about relevant trials, and education and information about the study.

Patient interest determines our focus as a national screening company. A strong majority of our patients express interest in learning more about clinical research. These patients, and Life Line’s presence in the community, provide a nucleus by which to conduct decentralized and virtual clinical trials.

Types of Clinical Trials

With over 25 years of screening experience, Life Line Screening’s Clinical Research Services are a perfect fit for large studies with well-defined questions and clinical assessments. The volume of interested patients and our screening capabilities fits many study types, including:

Real World Evidence (RWE) &
Real World Data (RWD)

Registration and
Post-Approval Studies





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