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Life Line Screening is a premier service provider of custom clinical trial patient recruitment, enrollment and retention services.

Engagement Experts

Leveraging our 25 year history of mobile screening services and patient relationships, we connect engaged medically pre-qualified participants to clinical studies.

Recruitment/Referral Services

Finding eligible patients is the most time and cost-effective way to work towards meeting enrollment goals. We can help.

Mobile Trial Site Services

We are experts at screening patients. Our sites manage the enrollment process by screening and enrolling patients into your trial.

Our Solution

Life Line Screening connects clinical research opportunities to over 60,000 participants per month across the U.S. through community-based preventive health screenings. Many of our participants profile with risk factors for diseases that do not have a well-established standard of care, motivating them to consider clinical research as part of their health journey. Our mobile in-person screenings provide maximum flexibility to create custom engagement, pre-screening, and referral programs with maximum benefit for the patient and your study.

Our Capabilities

Fueled by our core business of pre-screening patients across the US, Life Line Screening provides an integrated and efficient platform for executing clinical research services for your study. We are committed to delivering high-quality results for our clients. Here are some examples of what we have to offer to make your next study a success.


Pre-qualified candidates reduce cost, time and noise in the funnel


725,000 annual screenings and 15,000 annual events


New screening protocols implemented in 30 days or less

Digital & Social Advertising

Our teams execute online and print marketing and recruitment efforts


7.5 million active consumer database yields high-value, complex criteria, difficult-to-find participants


Ability to tailor and augment collections of specific screening data

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